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Characteristics of Our Services


Our activity differs from commonly practiced by other recruiting firms in two key points determinants in the quality level of our services:

Expertise and full domain of health recruiting activity

The company is staffed with four consultants, all with extensive experience in recruitment activity in health, acquired in the performance of duties in a recognized recruitment company with more than 30 years of existence in the health sector. This professional experience shared by all the four consultants allowed the acquisition of knowledge and practices that seek to maintain and improve continuously.

Our commitment, ensuring responsiveness and flexibility

The success of this personnel and professional project named Auxilia Recrutement is linked to the success of the recruitment missions and the satisfaction of our clients.



Auxilia Recrutement works solely on the basis of success. Our services will be invoiced only from the time that the medical professional is recruited. In the case of our recruiting mission has not been succeed, the client will not support any costs of research, identification and candidates selection.

This flexibility is quality assurance, and is accompanied by other clauses such as:

  • Loyalty Clause
  • Confidentiality Clause
  • Non-exclusivity Clause
  • Guarantee Clause



The recruitment of foreign medical professionals has long been a reality. In this sense, Auxilia Recrutement is able to present to its clients, European candidates with a high potential for cultural, linguistic and professional adaptation, adapted to their needs and requirements.

Auxilia Recrutement focuses on recruiting physicians from Portuguese, Spanish and Belgian origin. This strategic choice is motivated by the quality of candidates that we select, quality that we believe to be of excellence at different points, in particular : 

  • Balance between medical and surgical exercise
  • Cultural Proximity to France
  • Linguistic Proximity

These three points are guarantees of a better integration into the French health system.

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