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Our Expertise


Because every medical specialty requires specific knowledge and recruitment techniques, our company focuses solely on the recruitment of specialties which can be a real added value for our clients and a guarantee of results:

Surgery :
General Surgery, Surgery Cardiovascular, ORL Surgery, Oftalmology, Cardiology.

Others Specialties :
Anesthesia, Radiology, Ginecology and Obstetrics, Gastroenterology, Family Medecine, Occupational Medecine, Psychiatrist, Internal Medecine, Geriatrics.

Auxilia Recrutement offers an innovative and appropriate solution to the problem of recruiting medical professionals faced by healthcare providers. Our team of consultants is committed to research, qualify and select the best physicians from France as well as other European countries.



Our consultants employ an innovative and adapted methodology to the current demands of the labor market in the medical and health sectors, seeking to find the best strategy to achieve results concerning recruitment problems. We put our knowledge at your disposal, seeking to be privileged partners during the different stages of recruitment process.

• Analysis of the recruitment context, vacancy and profile desired by the client
• Search and Qualification of Candidates using recruitment methods with greater assurance results (direct approach, Talent Search, Classifieds, Social & professional Networking).
• Selection of candidates through in-depth interviews, in order to assess the adequacy of the experience, skills and motivations of candidates
• Presentation of Candidates: transmission to the client of a complete file including: Candidates CV and Auxilia’s Candidature Dossier.
• Consultancy Recruitment & Mediation between client and candidate.
• Monitoring the integration of the physician throughout the experimental period


Our Values

Three values ​​animate the Auxilia Recruitment team on a daily basis:

  • Efficiency
  • Pugnacity
  • Proximity